Andreas Scherren
Technical Director
Bright Future GmbH

Rail Nation: Cash Race 3D

Creating a 3D prototype for Rail Nation and evaluating

Frontend Backend Lead Game Design

Arkheim Intro & Trailer

Creating time matching sound design and custom music.



Moving applications to Kubernetes. Setting up the cluster, creating automated workflows and writing tools to assist the Kubernetes deployment.


Docker Swarm

Setup of Docker Swarm environment with GitLab CI integration.

Lead Backend

Admirals Website

Website for Bright Future's upcoming Admirals: Caribbean Empires. Powered by HTML5 and Contentful.

Lead UI Frontend Backend


Bright Future's upcoming Admirals: Caribbean Empires

Shaders Frontend Music

Rail Nation: Clash!

WebGL multiplayer game written with Pixi.js and Node.js

Lead UI Frontend Backend Game Design

Seabo Shipping Platform

An all-in-one platform for the shipping business where I helped to build an interactive map with realtime data. Additionally I worked on an advanced chat with groups, notifications and file transfer.

Frontend Backend

Snowball Fight

WebGL based Crazy Chicken clone for Rail Nation. The high score of each player is added and collectively the whole community could unlock prizes. Written in C# with Unity and PHP

Lead UI Game Design Frontend Backend

Smart Newsfeed

Combining blog, server issues, Facebook, YouTube and VK news into one newsfeed for Rail Nation players.

Lead UI Frontend Backend

Rail Nation Website

Wordpress website for Rail Nation with modern single-page entry page. Custom plugin and theme with many customization options. Translated to 18 languages with language-specific rights for support team.

Lead UI Frontend Backend

Rail Nation Map Editor

Browser-based map editor using WebGL written with Pixi.js, PHP and MySQL. Multiple users can work on the same map. Features: layers, placement brush, rail placement via A*, history and binary export.

Lead UI Frontend Backend

Rail Nation Soundtrack

Several pieces of music written for Rail Nation including an interactive soundtrack that dynamically evolves in response to user activity. Additionally the sound system was rewritten from scratch using ActionScript 3 in Adobe Flash + Starling Engine to dynamically regulate sound volumes.

Frontend Music

Bright Future GmbH

Started working for Bright Future GmbH.


Insurance Broker App

An insurance broker app for a large insurance in Austria. Through a detailed survey the app can find the best insurances. In the end a summary PDF is generated. Written in HTML5 with a MVC framework and PHP.

Frontend Backend

Tax Tool for Funds Manager

Offers fund companies an easy way to issue tax certificates to their investors generating PDF files.


OnIvation GmbH

Started working for OnIvation GmbH.